Every bride and groom-to-be want the perfect wedding reception and for everyone invited to be amazed. However, planning for a wedding can be a hard thing to do if you don’t actually know how to do it. Fleur de Lis Event Center has picked up some of the very best wedding reception planning tips for you – and we have put them together in the following list, so read on if you want to find out more.
• Make sure you have a planning timeline and that you take care of the “big” things first. Creating a guest list, booking a venue, a caterer and deciding on the “basics” behind your décor (colors, theme, etc.) should be among the first things on your to-do list so make sure you take care of them first so that you can focus on the details later on.
• When you create the guest list, bear in mind the fact that it is very likely that a large part of the people you invite will actually attend the wedding too. Also, the smaller your guest list is, the more likelihood there is for all of them to come.
• Choose décor that fits into your venue’s general theme. For instance, choosing an all-white theme will not work very well if your venue is decorated with other colors and choosing a rustic theme will not work great with an elegant ballroom.
• When it comes to the décor, don’t forget to take care of the lightning too. You don’t necessarily have to rent expensive lightning equipment if you are running on a tighter budget. Simple candles, luminaria, candelabra – all these things can go a really long way when it comes to making your reception look (and feel) absolutely magic.
• If you have to pay attention to your budget, keep in mind the fact that, most of the times, a venue that includes more services/items will end up being less expensive than renting and booking everything on your own. At first, it might actually appear that a full-service venue is more expensive, but the truth is completely the opposite once you do the math and take into account how much renting and booking for everything on your own costs. Plus, it’s more hassle-free this way too!
Here at Fleur de Lis Event Center, we want to provide our brides and grooms with the ideal setting for their Big Day. Our venue includes catering services and, aside from that, we can also recommend you with some exceptional wedding vendors to help you create your dream-wedding too. Contact us and find out more about the stunning place we have prepared for your wedding day!