Proposal stories are but one of the many viral sensations happening today. The story on how it was planned out and how successful it became will be told to friends, complete strangers and everyone who’s a sucker for romantic proposal stories for the rest of eternity. Wedding proposals these days have literally become a great plan of action that anyone tries the newest ways on how to go about in asking their loved ones to marriage. A piece of advice, make it your own, be creative, go all out if be needed and take your own spin out on our 5 Most Romantic Ways to Propose.

  1. Destination Wedding Proposals

Planning a romantic destination is an exciting thing to do to begin with, what’s more exciting is the fact that you may be even going to do the most exciting thing which is to propose to the love of your life. Be it as simple as being on the plane, relying on the use of the loudspeaker system ( make sure you connive with the flight attendants first ) and propose at 32,000 feet above, or you can rent a scooter, tour the city around look for the perfect spot and the perfect opportunity, one knee down and ask your partner. To the beach lovers out there, go to the beach, frolic in the sun, build sandcastles together and then surprise your partner and ask them to marry you. Destination proposals may be a tad pricey, but if you’d get that “YES”, nothing would be more fulfilling and everything will definitely be worth its while.

2. At Home Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposals at home will surely be a hit especially to couples who may be too busy or to couples who may want to save out on splurging so much on proposals. ( Not a bad thing ). You may fill a favourite room in your house with photo cut outs, you can either hang them from balloons or even create a collage on the walls. Create and write personalised messages, set up a dramatic lighting, fill the room with flowers, light up candles, be artistic, have fun, you can even cook a meal for your partner, pop up a bottle of champagne or even play scrabble, monopoly, do the things you enjoy doing together and get them by surprise by proposing.

3. Techie Proposals

Nowadays, people are so hooked with technology and social media. Everyone is practically hooked, so why not do it via the help of technology. Create a Tweet, Post a Photo on Facebook or Instagram, you can even make a video of your proposal. Sky’s the limit. You can even surprise your partner by using their phone, taking a photo of yourself with a ‘ Will You Marry Me” sign and then let them scroll through their gallery, for sure they will be caught by surprise. Again there is no limit to creativity and ingenuity with this proposal.

4. Foodie Marriage Proposal Ideas

It cannot be denied that everyone loves food. For foodies out there, this would be the perfect proposal idea. Whip up something, a simple cupcake, a cup of coffee or prepare a fancy dinner with candle lights and hide the ring anywhere. You can also put together a basket of yummy treats ( put together all of your partners favorite ) chocolates, chips, biscuits and then hide the ring among the presents. If you also want it to be a little fancier, go to a restaurant and ask the chef to write a personalized, “Will You Marry Me” note to a cake or to the dessert they are serving. There’s just so many things you can do with this foodie proposal idea, go simple or go big, it doesn’t matter.

5. At-Work Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposing at your partners workplace couldn’t be more exciting. The good thing is, you can heighten up the surprise and excitement factor that comes with it. You can also just sneak into your partners office or even to a classroom, before they come in the morning, you can write the proposal on the blackboard or on their desk, just stay hidden. Coworkers will definitely play an integral role in making this idea work, it would be advantageous for you if you are acquainted or friends with your partners coworkers.

Proposals can indeed be nerve-wracking, it can also be just so fun and exciting, whatever you choose to do in whatever way you deem desirable and perfect for you and your partner, we hope that you are able to get bits and pieces of idea from our short list of romantic proposal ideas. At the end of the day, what would matter is that they say yes to you.