Join the Fleur de Lis’ Cast

Thank you for your interest in joining our magic-making team at the Fleur de Lis Event Center!


Thank you for your interest in joining our magic-making team at the Fleur de Lis Event Center! Our vision is “Building Easy, Efficient, Excellent relationship focused companies to change the world.”

Everything we do, is focused on building relationships. We believe in serving authentically.

The way we serve authentically is by building relationship focused companies, Easy to work with, while Efficiently providing, Excellent service.

With a large focus on the Wedding process, from the engagement to unpacking honeymoon bags! If you would like to get to know us better, keep reading!

Become a “Cast Member”

When you “work” at Fleur de Lis, you will not be an employee carrying out tasks. Our “cast members”, as we refer to them, are the “cast” performing the most important “show” of our guests’ lives. Our core business is weddings.

Little girls grow up dreaming of the day their Prince Charming will sweep them down the aisle.

We understand and respect the importance of this moment and want to do everything possible to make it the most magical moment of their lives. Our expectations are “to strive for perfection”. We understand doing this will be challenging, but we feel you will find it fun and rewarding. Lessons learned as part of our “cast” will help you greatly in the future to ensure success in your life. Our guidelines and business philosophies are modeled after those designed by Walt Disney. Walt’s principals are still followed daily at the Disney Company creating the same “magic” for their guests as we desire for ours. After studying these principals for three years at the Disney Institute, we are convinced they will do for us what they have already done for Disney, making them known for providing the best service to their guests.

So let’s get started. We have several roles at Fleur de Lis event center.

Even partner with Fleur de Lis Event Center to start your own business in wedding/event industry.

So the first step is simple, kind of like a first date!

We just want to know everything about you. Your likes, dislikes, things you are passionate about, your history (remember we are in the New Orleans Area, first thing everyone wants to know is where you went/go to high school).  This helps us to best match our needs with your passions and talents. Example years ago during an interview a cast member told me he loved sewing, months later while doing a major remodel, that talent was used to create an amazing star ceiling.

Please fill out the form on this page.

Put as much info as you can. We understand privacy, so be assured we will not share any information. All requested information is needed once you are hired so it streamlines the process.  Once submitted we will get back with you if your passion and talents fill a need of ours, and discuss a time for you to come in to meet us.