DSC_4328copyAre you wanting to add personal touches to your wedding? Here are some great ways how you can:
Every couple wants their wedding to be absolutely unique and personal – and that is more than understandable. This is your BIG DAY and it should reflect who you are, what you like and what your story is. Because we know just how much you want your wedding day to reflect your personality, we have picked up some amazing ideas to inspire you in creating a wedding that truly shows what beautiful people you are – inside and outside as well! Read on and get inspired!
Social media hashtag. We live in the world of Facebook and Instagram – so why not bring your wedding into the 21st century with a special hashtag created just for the Big Day? Your social media addicted friends will love the idea!
Personalize the bottles with special labels. From pictures of you and your spouse to calligraphic wedding dates, you can add anything on your reception bottles – and this will surely impress everyone.
Hire an artist to paint a picture representing your “Wedding Day”.
Personalized coloring book for the little ones. If you know you will have kids at your wedding, provide them with a fun coloring book that was created just for the occasion. You’ll definitely keep them entertained and happy!
Bring some personality into your wedding cake. There are hundreds of ways you can personalize a cake. For instance, you could have your cake topper created to look like a cartoon version of yourselves. Or, for something more elegant, you can choose to have a cake topper with your monogram/names as well.
Signature cocktails. Everyone loves the unique taste of a signature cocktail, so why not create one for your Big Day? There are tons of sources of inspiration you can use for this: the season, your favorite flavors and so on.
Before you think of all these things, don’t forget to pick a wedding venue that can truly “accommodate” all of your ideas. Fleur de Lis Event Center can provide you with a ballroom torn out of fairy tales so that your wedding turns out really special! Come and take a look at our Pontchartrain and Réveillon ballrooms and we guarantee you will not regret it!