There’s truly nothing gentler and more naturally beautiful than flowers – and this may be one of the reasons they are so much associated with love and cherishment. If you are planning for a Spring wedding and if you want it to be “in full bloom”, make sure to pick the right flowers for the décor because it will definitely be worth it! Here are some suggestions for the upcoming Spring:
• Oversized, opulent bouquets in transparent vases. Hydrangeas and orchids are among the top favorites for this Spring’s flower arrangements – and we can definitely understand why. If you have a more allowing budget for the florals, definitely go for this option because it will add luxury, beauty and grace to your wedding even if your venue is rather simple in terms of décor.
• Wilderness. 2014 brought to our attention the “fresh from the garden” bouquets – and this trend continues to hit BIG in 2015 as well. Soft colored flowers with a “wild English garden appeal” look absolutely stunning with almost every type of wedding – and they will add a touch of refinement and beauty to a rustic-chic, DIY or vintage wedding for sure!
• One-color flowers. Many brides go for this option both when it comes to their flower arrangements and décor and when it comes to their bouquets as well. With a bit of creativity you can turn a simple bouquet made of one color only turn into a huge statement on style and elegance. You can either choose to have the same type of flowers (only white peonies, for example) or you can choose to have different types of flowers in the same color too (white peonies and white roses, for example).
Regardless of the flowers you will choose for your centerpieces and décor, rest assured that Fleur de Lis Event Center will provide you with the perfect venue to accommodate a dreamy Spring wedding that’s full of positive vibes! Come visit us and take a look around!