Choosing your wedding party is one of the first and most important steps in your wedding planning process. For some people, this choice comes as natural – but for others, being able to tell who is going to be their bridesmaid or groomsman is extremely difficult. If you find yourself among the people who find it rather difficult to do this, here are some tips to keep in mind:
• Think twice and never ask someone to be in your wedding party just because they asked you first. In this way, you will end up having a lot of bridesmaids and groomsmen you did not actually want in those positions. Before popping the question, make sure you are comfortable with the people you have chosen.
• While it is definitely not OK to feel obliged to include someone in the wedding party, you should include the brothers and sisters (even if they are your future spouse’s siblings and not yours). There’s a very big chance these people will be closer to you 10 years from now than many others!
• Think of what kind of wedding party you want. Do you want people to actually help you out with the wedding planning, wedding register and other similar things? Or do you simply want people to show up dressed as you tell them to. Furthermore, make sure you choose a responsible honor attendant because you will most likely need his/her help at least.
• Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to have a man included among your bridesmaids or a lady included among your groomsmen. In the end, if they are your friend and if you truly want them there, you shouldn’t be stopped from achieving whatever you want for your Big Day.
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