Planning a wedding is not easy – not in any way (and everyone who has already gone through this can confirm it). And one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to planning a wedding reception is making sure that every single guest is perfectly seated. How to ease the stress when planning for the wedding reception seating? Read here and find out more:
• Don’t procrastinate. The earlier you start with your wedding reception seating plan, the better it will be for you in the end. Keep this in mind: postponing this will never lead to anything good.
• You don’t have to be 100% traditional. Really, if you don’t want a head table, you are more than free to have a table right in the middle of the guests. Many couples do this precisely because they don’t want to feel like they are “excluded” from the party, so why wouldn’t you do it as well?
• Plan for the parents. In a traditional wedding, the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom seat at the same table (along with the grandparents). However, if your (or your future spouse’s) parents are divorced, you may want to re-think this (and it will be perfectly fine).
• Cushion the tensions and bring people together. Some people may just not get along with each other even if they have known each other for decades. And other people may instantly get along even if they have never met before. Keep these things in mind when planning the seating chart and your wedding will be a true success for everyone.
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