There is absolutely no doubt over the fact that weddings are not easy to plan. And what makes it even more difficult to plan a wedding “a la carte” is precisely the confusion created around the wide range of things you “should” or “shouldn’t” do.
Some wedding advice just shouldn’t be taken, though. What are some of the most common “tips” you should actually ignore? Read here and find out more.
• Some people may advise you to skimp on food. Sure, budgeting is important and if you cannot afford spending a fortune on your wedding, you will have to keep prices in mind. However, serving your guests with food that is cheap both in terms of price and in terms of quality is a questionable decision. There are plenty of menu options out there that are absolutely delicious and that will not put a strain on your budget.
• Furthermore, some people may also say that it’s not really that important to choose the right persons for your wedding party. In fact, some may go as far as to suggest that it’s perfectly fine to include just about anyone in your wedding party. Keep this in mind, though: your wedding party should be your friends and you have the right to include only those people you feel truly close to.
• Last, but not least, some people may advise you to send invitations without RSVP cards just to cut down on costs. However, this is a terrible idea that could make you waste even more money in the end (especially because you will not know how many people are attending your wedding and you could order too much food, too many flowers and too many favors).
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