April 27th, 2020

Stay at Home order extended to May 15th
While this is disappointing news, the Governor gave clear guidance to what phrase one opening will look like for Fleur de Lis Event Center.  As I hoped, they will be using a % of Fire Marshall occupancy.  Phrase one (very likely opening 5/15/20) will allow 25% of Fire Marshall Occupancy and requiring wearing masks (Masquerade events may be a fun option).  Phrase two I believe will move to allow 50% of Fire Marshall Occupancy, hopefully on 5/30/20.
How do these numbers translate to event size at Fleur de Lis Event Center?
At 25% Fire Marshall Occupancy. (Very Likely by 5/15/20)
Pontchartrain Ballroom limit 133, Jazz Ballroom 93, and Private Restaurant 33.
At 50% Fire Marshall Occupancy. (I believe by 5/30/20)
Pontchartrain Ballroom would have 265, Jazz Ballroom 187, and Private Restaurant 67.
While able to safely provide strict social distancing within either of our ballrooms, combining the both would support one event of 226 by 5/15/20 assuming stay at home order is lifted.
Again, I understand none of this is ideal, but we are doing our best to make lemonade out of these lemons we have been dealt and will continue to be available for any questions or concerns.  
On a different but very helpful note, I am honored to be working with the “Small Business & Retail task Force Committee” and Resilient Louisiana Commission on planning the reopening Louisiana.   On a call last week, I suggested to the Governor the use of “% of Fire Marshall Occupancy” rather than random numbers (10, 50, 250) which had been used before, which he has done.   I plan to be working hard to share my views on how business professionals are willing and able to keep your customers safe.