Today we get to host a wedding!!  I must admit, I’m a little nervous.  Not of the virus, we are ready, but it’s been so long we may have forgotten how to do weddings!!
I’m sure we will have a little rust to dust off and lots of news protective measures to learn and introduce to our guests, be we are overjoyed to get back in the game.
Looking back on this historic time I feel so blessed.  While I have truly been heartbroken for all my brides and other event hosts, I can’t express how wonderful our customers have been during this crazy time.  Special events have tons of moving parts and you all have been forced to adjust on the fly in the midst of such great uncertainly, and you did!  
I wanted to share what we have been doing here at Fleur de Lis.  While its human nature to wait for things to get back to normal, we decided to create our new normal.  
Here’s what we did on top of covid 19 measures!
Resurfaced our parking lot, remodeled our website, redid our “guided virtual tours”, put up new sails and string lights in our courtyards, updated our landscaping and fountains, repainted things that frankly didn’t need to be painted, removed everything from our kitchen totally cleaned and painted then put new flooring, professionally cleaned our AC systems, cleaned the buildings from top to bottom,  organized everything, and finally remembered how lucky we are to make dreams come true for your our guests.
As always let us know how else we can serve you.