April 18th, 2020

President Trump announced his “Guidelines for opening up America again. President Trump’s three-phased approach says State and local officials need to tailor the application of these criteria to local circumstances (e.g., metropolitan areas that have suffered severe COVID outbreaks, rural and suburban areas where outbreaks have not occurred or have been mild)”  
This is an important designation as it pertains to Fleur de Lis Event Center’s (FDL) reopening!   Of Louisiana’s 64 parishes, Jefferson and Orleans make up almost 50% of the cases.  Likely leading Governor Edwards to allow each parish to decide it’s reopening, once meeting statewide requirements.  Knowing Parish President Mike Cooper, I have full faith he is ready to get our parish open soon, once safe.
We are included in the first phase of reopening in two places.  First guidance to individuals.  “Avoid SOCIALIZING in groups of more than 10 people in circumstances that do not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing”.   While it says no more than 10 that is for areas that DON’T or Can’t “allow for appropriate physical distancing”, we can.  Furthermore, phase one guidance for “specific types of employers” i.e. businesses (FDL) lists “LARGE VENUES (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship) can operate under strict physical distancing protocols.”  So clearly we fall into Phase one.
Phase one opening could be as early as 4/30/20, but more likely around mid-May.  Requiring “strict physical distancing protocols”.  Clear definitions for “strict physical distancing protocols” are not yet available, but likely to require room for people/Family groups to stay 6ft apart.  Industry leaders are suggesting that will cause a 40 to 50% reduction in seating based off current fire Marshall occupancy limits.  
While speculative, being conservatively proactive, planning for a 50% reduction, new limits would be:  Pontchartrain 265, Jazz 187, and Restaurant 67.  The FDL Staff will begin this week adjusting our seating layouts accordingly.  
Due to the recent concerns circulating in the food packaging industry, coupled with our understanding that guests need more reassurance than ever about “back house” unseen staff hygiene practices, we are adding systems to offer a live-streamed view inside our Kitchen.  And we will continue to search for best practices on keeping our guests safe.
As always, we are available if you need question’s answered or guidance of any kind.  Please feel free to call or email anytime.