April 15th, 2020

Most experts suggest we need three things to reopen safety.  Testing, Contact Tracing, and Physical distancing of some form.  In a proactive attempt to be prepared, Fleur de Lis Event Center has created tools and procedures to safely allow our events to move forward.
Fleur de Lis Event Center COVID-19/Coronavirus response plan for reopening.
1.  Temperature Testing of all staff and guests upon arrival using “no-touch forehead thermometers”.
2.  All event hosts will be provided with an event-specific Contact Tracing web page.
The process is simple, wedding guests are asked to provide contact information on the page.  All guests will be encouraged to first stay home if sick, but in the unfortunate event that someone begins feeling sick after the wedding.  They are asked to notify our staff at 985-626-9118 or the Bride’s family.  Staff will then inform all guests via text and email as well as public health authorities with proper next steps.
3.  Increased WI-FI service to support live streaming options for at-risk guests.
4.  Due to the size availability of Fleur de Lis Event Center, we will promote “Pod Physical Distancing”.  By moving tables 6 feet apart, family groups “pods” can safety self-isolate.  We will limit our balconies and certain reserved tables to create greater physical isolation for the more at risks attending guests.
5.  Routinely before and during events disinfecting high-touch areas such as handrails, flat surfaces, and door handles with the latest and the best cleaner to prevent COVID-19/Coronavirus.
6.  All event spaces will have a Hand sanitizer station located at the main entrance.
7.  All bathroom will remain stocked to encourage proper hand washing practices.
8.  All staff will wear gloves during events.
9.  Gloves will be available for guests on food service lines.
As always remember I am available during this crazy time, by cell 985-789-7867 (text is best), office 985-626-9118, or email.  I totally understand everyone is concerned and new reports are all over the place.  I continue to believe government restrictions will be lifted sometime in May.  While speculating on the day, time and format are popular, the most helpful thing we can do is be prepared.  Our staff is continuing to update, organize, and research any and every way to use this time to improve Fleur de Lis Event Center.  It is our hope and prayer that all of you our guests remain safe during these unsettling times and we eagerly await our reopening.